During their engagement, Jewel and Clifford had to reschedule their wedding--five months earlier than the original date--in observance of the death of Clifford's grandmother. Though they had less time to plan for the event, the sudden change and rush in the preparations didn't stop Jewel and Clifford from having their dream wedding--one that was modern and classic at the same time.

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Love Story

Jewel met Clifford through family. Clifford was a college friend of Jewel's sister, but he only met Jewel in 2006 when she came to the Philippines for a vacation. After their introduction, the two exchanged numbers and dated a couple of times until Jewel went back to the US.

The distance between Jewel and Clifford didn't stop them from getting to know each other more. Clifford would call Jewel's phone two to three times a day, and would also chat with her through Yahoo! Messenger and Skype. The two grew closer by constantly communicating and nurturing their long-distance relationship.


On one of Jewel's visits, Clifford arranged a date in the restaurant where they had their very first dinner and reserved the very same table where they had sat before.

At the restuarant, Jewel saw Clifford's friends approach bearing flowers, cakes, and a tarpaulin with a love letter and a photo of them in Bohol. When Jewel finished reading the letter, which ended with the line "I want to spend the rest of my life with you," she was handed a cake with the words "Will you marry me?" spelled out in icing. Clifford then knelt down on one knee and offered a ring. Jewel matched the sweet proposal by spelling out the word "Oo" on the cake.

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Wedding Preparations

Jewel and Clifford's wedding was originally set for January 31, 2011, but they had to move it up by five months due to the death of Clifford's grandmother in May 2010. In observance of Clifford's Chinese family tradition, the couple had to get married before the 100th day of the grandmother's death; otherwise, they would have to wait for two more years.


In August 2010, Jewel and Clifford exchanged I do's at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Because they were completely involved with the meetings and appointments with the suppliers, the couple was able to clearly relay what they wanted on their special day. By being hands-on during the planning process, they successfully pulled off a modern, classy wedding with a straightforward program that everyone enjoyed. Despite having to rush the preparations, the couple's big day wasn't any less special to them and to their loved ones.

The couple's ability to adjust to the turn of events showed that a successful wedding isn't completely about the rigorous planning but more importantly, it is all about the memories that made the day special.

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