Heidi and Carlo tied the knot with a unique bohemian-inspired wedding. The laid-back celebration, which featured a warm and welcoming vibe, allowed their family and friends to enjoy on their big day.

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Love Story

Heidi and Carlo met through Singles for Christ, and it was their common friend from Imagine Nation Photography who brought them there. The bond between Heidi and Carlo was merely platonic. Carlo would constantly tease Heidi, and so it was a surprise for Heidi when one of their good friends told her that she and Carlo were made for each other.

While it was inconceivable that the Heidi and Carlo would end up together, love eventually found its way. Heidi shares, "God made everything possible. I fasted and prayed for two weeks, and to my surprise God led me to a verse from John 15. I was dumbfounded when God answered my question, 'What should I do with this guy?' God said, 'Love one another.' This was the kind of love story I was praying for, God needed to purify our hearts first before He led us to each other."

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Carlo had planned to propose to Heidi on of their trips, but he posted about the proposal on Facebook by mistake. Needless to say, Heidi found out about the plan, and so Carlo had to regroup and come up with another strategy.

Heidi was always dressing up whenever she and Carlo would go out, since she already expected the proposal. Fortunately, Carlo caught Heidi off guard when they went to do a shoot in Bellarocca Island Resort. Just as the couple arrived at the resort, Heidi found a trail of flowers leading to a room--and Carlo was there to finally stage a successful proposal.

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Wedding Preparations

Heidi and Carlo, both photographers, knew that they wanted to exercise their creativity at their wedding. They chose a relaxed bohemian theme, which perfectly suited their personalities. The wedding was laced with dreamy details that cast a spell of romance.


The bride took on numerous DIY projects to make the event even more special. While Heidi and Carlo incorporated their tastes into their big day, they didn't forget to show love for family and friends, too. "We also wanted to focus more of the people who've been with us as we journey through our marriage," says Heidi. The couple prepared several treats for their guests to show how grateful they were of their presence. "At the end of the day, we want everyone to feel what it's like to love and be loved by God," adds Heidi.

Despite staging a beautiful affair, the couple didn't forget that their wedding was just for a day. "The wedding is just the doorway to marriage. It's okay to dream big, but focus on what you can do in the time frame given. Work within your budget--anything is possible, do some by yourself then enjoy delegating as well," says Heidi. Most importantly, the couple prepared for their marriage. "Aside from the CEFAM required from us, we also did our own personal planning for our marriage," the bride adds. By doing so, the couple's wedding was only the first of many happy days for them as a married couple.


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