Cheryl and Naugi tied the knot with a charming and modern wedding that had doses of fun, charm, and warmth. A chic garden-inspired theme and a pastel color palette gave cheer to the couple's big day.

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Love Story

Cheryl and Naugi were former officemates. They clicked right away when they met back then, and soon found themselves enjoying each other's company. They would often tease each other on being a couple and eventually, their jokes developed into something real.

One day, Naugi proposed to Cheryl to test the waters and see if things would work out for them if they becames a couple. The relationship lasted for three years, until Cheryl and Naugi decided that they should get married. "[Ours was] a story of [two people] who met each other at a time when they both decided they would find the right person and settle down--and we sure did," says Cheryl.


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Wedding Preparations

Cheryl and Naugi wanted their wedding to be nothing short of fun. "We [deviated] from traditions just enough to still honor the essence of a wedding, [but we still kept] it fun for all our guests," the couple shares. Though it rained on their big day, their celebration was still filled with warmth and cheer. With a chic garden-inspired theme and color palette of pastels, the affair featured charming details that were pleasant eye candy. The couple even had a number of DIY projects that gave their wedding a unique and personal touch.

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While Cheryl and Naugi wanted their big day to showcase who they are as a couple, they also considered their guests' comfort. "[Your guests] will spend their [time with you on] your special day, so try to make it worthwhile [for them, too]," Cheryl says. But if there is one thing the couple wished they had prepared for prior to their wedding day, it was the downpour of rain. With a garden reception planned, the couple was forced to move their festivities indoors. With what they've learned, Cheryl and Naugi tells other couples who  are planning to have outdoor weddings to allot a part of the budget for tents. "Or choose a venue that can give you options in case there are uncontrollable factors," Cheryl shares.


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