Cathy and Noel's New York-themed wedding was a true celebration of life and love. The couple went through a trying time while planning their wedding, but they braved all the challenges with the help of family and friends to bring their dream wedding to life. Marked with both tears and laughter, Cathy and Noel's wedding was a truly unforgettable and meaningful affair.

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Love Story

Cathy and Noel met when they were both working for the same company; Cathy was in marketing while Noel was in sales. Since they were complete opposites, it was a surprise for a lot of people close to them that anything romantic would develop between the two. Cathy shares that despite their different personalities, they just clicked, proving that opposites do attract. "What started out as office meetings soon extended to movie dates and dinners, and soon, Sunday masses with my family," Cathy shares.

After four years of being a couple, Noel proposed to Cathy with a chocolate doughnut and a ring. On a plate, Noel presented a chocolate doughnut with a ring inside the hole, and he told Cathy to have some merienda. Cathy was overjoyed with her special surprise snack but also found it funny that Noel still showed his stinginess because he didn't choose a high-end doughnut brand for his proposal. But regardless of the doughnut, Cathy still gave a sweet yes.

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Wedding Preparations

Cathy and Noel's wedding preparations was an emotional roller coaster ride. Halfway through their planning, they found out that Noel's mother was diagnosed with cancer. They considered postponing the wedding to give way to the family emergency, but the groom's mother insisted that they push through with the wedding, since was her dream to see her son walk down the aisle.

The couple granted Noel's mom's request and made sure they did everything to make her wish come true. Noel's mother couldn't leave the hospital to attend her son's wedding, but through a webcam that captured the ceremony and reception, she was able to see her dream become a reality.

During the reception, Noel told everyone: "We all know what we're going through right now. But Mama Lulu has only one order for the day: Have fun!" And so they did--guests enjoyed the couple's New York-themed wedding that was a fusion of lively city vibe and a dash of romance. Dainty shades of pink mixed with ornate damask patterns gave Cathy and Noel's wedding a fresh mix of chic and modern feel. With such a lively feast, the couple knew that Noel's mother couldn't ask for anything more.

Amidst all the hardships they went through, Cathy and Noel embraced the love that was around them. Shares Cathy, "The amount of tears made it easy to describe the wedding as bittersweet, but the overflowing love we felt until the wee hours of the morning overpowered the bitter by leaps and bounds." Two days after the wedding, Noel's mother passed away. But their grief over her loss was overcome with a feeling of love and fulfillment, as they were able to make their dream wedding come true, with Noel's mother watching over them.

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