JP and I got married last 29 June 2012. It still feels like it was just yesterday and I am not just being cheesy or melodramatic about it. It's partly because of all the awesome wedding loot that surrounds us in our little home and partly because of sheer inertia. We both still carry some of the momentum we built up leading to the big day and sometimes we still have to sit back and let reality sink in: we're already married.

Preparing for a 9:00 a.m. wedding was not as difficult as I imagined. I had a tough time going to sleep the night before but it wasn't as hard waking up at 3:30 a.m. the same day (I slept at around 1am already). I recall that I just felt so light and happy the whole time. I ate breakfast and I let John Valle and Mickey See do their thing with the hair and makeup. While it helped that several people had already warned me that some things would definitely go wrong, I think what helped me most was the fact that I knew the bottom line: I was going to get married to the man of my dreams and party with my family and friends. That was the steak and everything else was just gravy.


The ceremony went on smoothly and I muttered a silent prayer of thanks each time our choir, Anima Strings, played and sang. They were a last-minute choice but truly, God saved the best for last. We had less than 70 guests at the church and it was beautiful that way. After the ceremony, we only stayed for just an extra half hour to do some portraits with Sheila and Jorem Catilo. We agreed earlier that portraits would be taken at length after the lunch reception because we didn't want to keep our guests waiting. We were able to get to the Champagne Room after another half hour and the first course out of our six course lunch was served by 12:10 p.m. I am pleased to report that JP and I were able to eat lunch with our guests. The only thing we weren't able to eat was the dessert so we ate a whole bunch of cake to make up for it. There was no formal program and no one was forced to do anything they didn't want to do. No awkward dancing, no long lines for food, no people feeling out of place. There were surprise numbers (former Senator Joey Lina belted out a few ballads and my darling husband made me fall for him ten times over with his tribute to the Backstreet Boys) but in hindsight they were all welcome surprises. Only tears of joy were shed and I don't think I've been hugged (or hugged people) tighter at any other point in my life. The lunch party stretched on until about 2:30 p.m. but my family and our closest friends stayed on for coffee and wedding cake until about 4:00 p.m. It was just as JP and I wanted it to be: relaxed, intimate and yummy. 


We still had enough time to grab a quick nap at the hotel before we left for the cocktail party. Traffic was horrible that night (Friday payday + Makati City activity involving closure of certain internal roads) but our dear guests showed us a whole lot of love by still showing up. When we got to The Loft, JP and I were beside ourselves with joy because it was just as we had imagined it would be! Moss Manila, k. by Cunanan and Sensitivity (lights and sounds) all did a mighty fine job bringing to life our city chic concept. k. by Cunanan's food was a gastronomic feast and their service, impeccable. The frozen Margaritas care of Margarush were also a big hit among our guests. Our photobooth supplier, Pic-in-a-box (by unassuming doctor-to-be Brent Viray) also deserves special mention! Their crisp black-and-white printouts were the classiest photobooth pictures we have ever seen. No frills or tacky fonts, just our beautiful and handsome guests hamming it up in front of the camera. Also deserving special mention is our band, The Brat Pack. These good-looking boys who know their jazz and pop music brought the house down.


Our cocktail party was the perfect counterpoint to our lunch reception. It was just as intimate (less than 150 guests) but it exuded our youthful and chill-out personality as a couple. The only downsides were that the party had to end by 12 midnight because The Loft does not allow any extensions and that our AE failed to coordinate the egress permits properly. Luckily, JP and I were too blissed out to go all-out litigation lawyer mode on the egress incident.

JP and I were very pleased with about 90% of our choice of suppliers. We certainly knew how to pick them. In addition to those I've already shamelessly plugged, special mention goes to Veejay Floresca, for his double lace masterpiece that was my gown.


Special thanks, too, to our awesome photographers Sheila and Jorem Catilo and MangoRed. The rest of the suppliers were satisfactory and only two or three didn't meet expectations. Nevertheless, we are grateful to every single one. No regrets, just lessons left and right.

Looking back at our wedding day, I can definitely say that we were able to pull of the intimate ceremony that we always dreamed of. For us, the ceremony was just as important as the party and we really took pains to make it our own. We were also able to knock our two-reception idea way out of the ball park. I say this because our suppliers were able to translate our concept into a tangible reality. It confirms that clear instructions coupled with a supplier's legitimate expertise in a field of service can make anything possible. The double reception idea was harder to prepare for because we had to deal with so many suppliers but it was definitely worth it. Traditions were met and new ground was definitely broken. Both receptions were able to reflect different sides of our personality as a couple.


I am thankful to BridalBook for this opportunity to share my ideas and my journey.
I hope brides out there have it even better than I did. It was a true blessing to have been able to celebrate our marriage twice in one day but the true blessing, to my mind, is to be able to love and cherish my dear husband from hereonend.


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