I can't believe that I've already poured out twenty one blog entries, including this one. What's even more unbelievable is the fact that our big day is just three months away! Time really does fly when you're having fun and for once in my life, I think the universe heeded my wish for a "fast forward" button. I feel excited, a little bit anxious, and a whole lot of happy!

JP and I celebrated our 17th month as a couple last 29 March 2012! Our wedding date would also mark our 20th month as a couple.

Weddings are perfect occasions for the bride and groom to express their thanks to their families and the many people who were part of their love story. As I have always enjoyed crafting my thanks, planning the "thank you" portion of my wedding was also one of its high points. Thanks can be done through words and tokens with the usual suspects being the speeches and souvenirs. I am excited to give both!

I once read that brides are traditionally silent on their wedding day and leave the speeches to their grooms. I was appalled! That is one tradition that I am not honoring on my wedding day. I think that I would just go crazy if I didn't get to say a word on my wedding day. Still, I plan to keep it short and simple. I wouldn't want to end up "hosting" my own wedding. Both the bride and groom should keep in mind that the party is held in their honor and not their talent showcase. Thanks need not be kilometric or overly historic. A thank you speech that has references to private experiences would tend to alienate the rest of the crowd so you should either give a sufficient factual background or choose to share an experience already known to most. While I have yet to write my thanks down, I am certain that I would want time to practice it a little bit. I am a huge crybaby and I wouldn't want my snivelling to ruin my moment of thanks.


Conceptualizing and preparing our wedding souvenirs are proving to be much more fun than I thought. With our limited budget, JP and I decided to make the photo booth prints our "thank you" souvenir for our cocktail party guests. Photos are one of the best kinds of souvenirs from any party. JP and I want our photo booth printouts to mimic the old-school Foto-Me instant photo strips instead of the popular 5R printout cut into four quadrants. The photos would be smaller but when printed onto a 5R card, we would get two copies each time. We plan to give the guest one copy and keep the other as our own souvenir. The guest's copy would be framed in a DIY plastic frame with a magnet at the back. We don't want to put our monogram or a big sign anywhere in the photo or the frame because we want our guests to be able to reuse the magnetic frame if they want. Besides, we're confident that our cocktail party will be extra memorable such that they will remember us every time they look at the photos anyway.

Here is our peg for the photobooth picture. Two of these can fit in a regular 5R card.

We plan to share a little bit of my Batangueña roots through the souvenirs we will give to our lunch reception guests. As a child, I absolutely loved the homemade tableas my grandparents Mama Celing and Papa Andy would bring me from our hometown in Alitagtag, Batangas. The hot chocolate from the tableas were perfect to pair with the rich suman and tamales from the markets at Cuenca. JP and I decided to give food items as our souvenir because they never go to waste. Trinkets lose their novelty quickly enough but the memory of a great meal is very difficult to erase. We plan to ask my aunt, who is a graphic designer, to help us come up with a creative way to package our goodies. I want the packaging to give off a romantic Filipiniana vibe so local materials, kraft paper, and leaves are in order. Otherwise, a stamped canvas bag could also do the trick. The finishing touch would really be the note that goes with the souvenirs. JP has amazing penmanship (hello, bar topnotcher!!!). I plan to tap him for the thank you notes that will go along with the tableas and tamales.

Canvas bag peg: A reusable canvas bag with a cute message stamped onto it is a souvenir in itself!

JP and I have been on this amazing rollercoaster ride for more than a year now and many thanks are in order. Saying "thank you" is perhaps one of the most underrated things in the world but believe me, they are even more important than any gift or souvenir. A word of thanks, whether simple or grand, works to warm any heart. What makes any expression of gratitude even better is when it is done with sincerity. I hope to be able to have the chance to say thank you to each of my guests come our wedding day. If I am able to do this, my happiness would really be complete.

-- Tere

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