I recently checked my "Wedding" folder and was astounded to find that it had grown to a whopping 1GB! Yes, my wedding has already gathered enough mass to officially have a gravitational field of its own. My laptop's track pad has even shown evident signs of wear, probably from all the typing, dragging, dropping, right clicking, and saving. My attention is usually focused on the bigger line items in our budget: food, clothes, flowers, photos, video, etc. However, I am very conscious about not overlooking the small details. I feel that our personal style should shine through in EVERY aspect of the wedding and I want even the smallest details to speak volumes about who we are as a couple.


One element that I've been pondering about for quite some time now is our menu announcement. Prior to all this planning, I wasn't really conscious about menu announcements. I have attended several weddings and do not even remember anything about the menu announcement, or if they even had one up front. I concede that this is such a minor detail and that what really matters is how the food, written on the announcement, tastes. However, I think that announcing what's for lunch is a great way to set the mood for the reception. It also provides a design opportunity for the reception receiving area. For our lunch reception, I plan to use an old mirror as our menu announcement "board":


I think big mirrors exude a very old-world and classic vibe that would go well with the formal European opulence peg we have in mind for our lunch reception.


Who thinks about napkin folding? Well, I do. I have no idea how to do it (I don't recall if Ms. Siongco taught me this in H.E.L.E.) but I certainly know its value in my reception. The last thing that I want is a napkin folded just for the sake of folding. No, the last thing I want is the banana fold (which I'm sure JP was taught in LSGH). Don't get me wrong, I don't want it complex. Not be too demanding of a hapless piece of cloth but I want it to be functional and integrated into the entire tablescape. Here is what I came up with:

Watch now
While I trust my caterers won't pull the old banana fold on me, the diva in me wants to take control of the napkin fold detail.


Looking for the perfect ring pillow led us to, well, a dish instead. I had clipped several photos of really cute pillows but could not decide on which one to use! The shape of our rings didn't seem to match either the round or the square pillow and a heart-shaped pillow was just too cheesy for me. I had seen photos of ring dishes but didn't really know where to start looking for them. Then, it happened. JP and I were standing in line while at Landmark when we saw these really cute heart shaped dishes. He initially suggested that we could use them for the cocktail party as pica-pica dishes but I immediately had a bigger role in mind. We haven't decided on what to use as the actual "bed" for the rings but here are the two dishes we plan to use for our rings: 




The restroom is another place that usually doesn't get much attention during weddings but it is a very important facility that each guest is bound to use at one point. For receptions where major alcohol is served, the restroom might even be a few guests' haven. This is why I intend to stock and decorate the restrooms as if it were an extension of the actual reception. Scented candles, soaps, alcogel, mouth wash, mineral water, industrial-strength mints, safety pins, bobby pins, clear nail polish (for runs) and an endless stock of three-ply tissue paper are definitely in order. Functional doesn't mean bland so I plan to put a nice floral centrepiece, too. Trust me. Your guests will love you for going the extra mile with the restroom. 

I plan to frame this nice poem and put it in the restroom.



It's easy to gloss over the details, especially when you're in love. But don't. It is equally an expression of love to go the distance and pay attention even to the smallest details.

-- Tere

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