2012, the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, is said to be a happy and lucky year. Coincidentally, the colors of this year also exude that positive aura--learn more about 2012's colors below.

Tangerine Tango


The color specialists at Pantone Color Institute named Tangerine Tango as the color for 2012. The vibrant shade of reddish orange is meant to encourage people to tackle the year with fiery energy, and that vigor is something that would surely make your wedding a lively one. The warm color commands attention, yet still exudes sophistication as it is inspired by beautiful sunsets.


Tangerine Tango is one happy color that will make your wedding a fun one. You can use contrasting colors, like blue green, to make this hue pop. However, if you want a subtler impact, you can just choose to incorporate this bright orange sparingly into your wedding details, and balance the brightness with neutrals like beige.


Tea Dance


ICI Dulux, one of the world's largest paint companies, picked Tea Dance for 2012. Tea Dance, a glowing red, exudes boldness. The daring shade is a nice option for brides who believe that red marks an auspicious wedding.

Tea Dance connotes love, excitement, warmth, comfort, energy, and good fortune--things that you definitely want to inspire your special day. Add a nice splash of color to your wedding details by using Tea Dance as an accent to more delicate hues. For a bolder statement, pair Tea Dance with a contrasting color like green.

To see how to incorporate these colors into your wedding details, see our gallery below.

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