For most busy couples, hiring a wedding coordinator allows them to enjoy the road leading to the big day. The coordinator is tasked to make sure that everything runs smoothly, but what that means can mean a variety of things for different couples. If you're thinking of booking a coordinator for your wedding, remember to ask these things.

1. What kind of weddings are you comfortable handling?

While coordinators are used to servicing different clients, it won't hurt to ask about the events they usually handle. Are they used to out-of-town affairs (and do they charge extra)? Are they familiar with the services of your religious denomination? Moreover, if your coordinators usually do corporate events, make sure that they know the ropes of planning weddings as well.

2. Can you cite specific instances where you encountered a major setback? How did you handle the situation?

While you'll do your best to have a perfect wedding, some mishaps are really bound to happen. Your coordinator should be able to think on her/his feet so that when a problem arises, s/he can take charge. Ask for anecdotes so you'll get a glimpse of their problem-solving skills.

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3. What is the largest wedding you've handled?

On your wedding day, your coordinator will be dealing with lots of people: you and the groom, your families, the suppliers, and the guests. Make sure that your prospective coordinator can manage a large crowd, and that s/he won't be overwhelmed by a large wedding.

4. How involved will you be in planning the wedding? Will your team be discreet on the day of the event?

Most coordinators offer different services like full coordination, semi coordination, and on-the-day coordination. Ask the coordinator what each package entails, so that you'll know which tasks will be expected of her/him. Some coordinators are only comfortable with delivering full coordination services to help them stay on top of things. Also, make sure that your coordinator's team can work discreetly at the event. You don't want guests to be distracted by their team running around.


5. How many weddings do you organize in a year, and how many of those are close to my wedding date?

Wedding coordination is no easy task, especially if you're doing more than one at a time. Other weddings might also fall close to your wedding date, and this means that the coordinator will be preparing for several events at once. Check how OC s/he is with details so that s/he won't confuse your requests with that of her/his other clients.

6. How many people will be handling the wedding?

For a large gathering, your coordinator needs a bigger team to make sure that things run smoothly. Asking about the number of team members will give you an idea of how things will be handled on your big day. Moreover, asking about the headcount also lets you know how many sets of meals would have to be prepared for them.

7. How do you communicate with your clients and other suppliers?

A coordinator should be easy to get a hold of during the preparations--this might tell you how easy it will be to communicate with them on the big day. Are they comfortable with phone calls, text messages, or email? Are they able to get back to any messages immediately?


8. How would you describe your working relationship with other suppliers?

Your coordinator should be able to work harmoniously with other suppliers as well. S/he should be able to communicate your requests to your suppliers, and make sure that everything's according to plan. They should also initiate to follow up in case things fall behind schedule.

9. What time will you arrive on the wedding day?

Your coordinators will be directing the flow of activities on your big day, and so they have to be among the first ones to arrive as you get ready. They should be punctual and ready to meet an early call time.

10. Can I trust you to make transactions on my behalf?

For couples who get full coordination services, their coordinator may attend meetings--or even sign contracts--on their behalf. With these tasks, your coordinator should be street smart and detail-oriented--you want them to be discerning with the transactions they make. After all, they'll be spending your money.


11. What services will entail additional fees?

Coordinators will do everything within their means to make sure that you get your dream wedding. While your coordinator can accommodate special requests, these things may also come with an additional cost.

12. What won't you help me with?

Given that your coordinators will give their best effort in pulling off a beautiful affair, their services also have its limits. What some brides fail to recognize is that coordinators are not personal assistants. Prepare a list of tasks, and go over each one together. Clarify which tasks fall under their to-do list, and which ones you should do or delegate to someone else.

For listings of wedding coordinators, click here.

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