I think the best way to personalize a wedding is through DIY projects. Whether it's as simple as wrapping your favorite color ribbon around flowers and candles or as complex as designing and hand-sewing pouches for your bridesmaids, these handicrafts or hands-on touches make sure your wedding reflects your personal style and taste.

I have a confession to make. While planning our first anniversary event, I went crazy with the DIY projects. I think I added embellishments to everything I could get my hands on. It's amazing how simple accents like ribbons, beads, and even leaves and twigs can turn otherwise ordinary objects into works of art.

I also immensely enjoyed thinking of ways to incorporate our theme into the various elements of the event--from the invitations to the accent pieces to the giveaways. To channel the natural look, we added twine, leaves and an overlay from Paperpod Seedpaper to our invitations by Wingdingz.

Handwritten touches add more meaning to these wooden popsicle sticks (used as tiny sign posts for the seedlings) which we personalized with the loveydovey logo. Guests are sure to appreciate these simple gestures. (I can hear Khat and Bianca disagreeing now, “Personalizing 200 popsicle sticks is NOT simple!” Hahaha! Thank you, ladies, for your time and effort.)


Click here to see how. Each tag bore the guests' name lovingly lettered by the team.

Don't you think they'd make nifty boutonnières, too? And speaking of which, have you see our gallery of colourful boutonnières?

Are you determined to take on a DIY project for your wedding? Remember that the most important aspect of doing it yourself is, well, yourself. Know your strengths and your limitations. Do things that you love doing and stay away from projects that will just stress you out. The last thing you need on your wedding day is you staying up the night before folding five hundred paper flowers! And while it sounds a tad bit selfish, when you do-it-yourself, do it for yourself--not to impress your guests or entourage or in-laws, but because it makes you genuinely happy to be sharing or incorporating a part of yourself with everyone else.

Ready to DIY? Well, without further ado, we're happy to announce that August is DIY month on BridalBook! Check out new DIY projects every week which you can do, plus other inspirations to help personalize your wedding.

I don't know about you, but my hands are itching to start another project. Now where did I put that glue gun...?

--Jamie, Fairy Craftmother

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