Getting fit in time for the wedding is easier said than done. Sticking to an exercise regimen can get pretty challenging, but following some of the tips below can make exercising more enjoyable. Ask your groom to exercise with you!

1. Find a sport you both love.

If going to the gym isn't really your thing, then find a sport that you and your fiancé can engage in. Doing sports won't make you feel like you're obligated to do a certain number of repetitions in order to lose the extra pounds before the wedding. If you're having fun, then there's a greater chance that you'll do this more often. This would also be a great way for you to bond with your fiancé.

2. Get competitive.

Having a healthy competition is a great motivation to push yourself harder, and it also adds excitement to reaching your desired results. There's a great chance that your fiancé would be game for this idea, since men are always up for any sort of competition. Set a goal, and try to outdo each other. A good idea is to come up with your own version of "The Biggest Loser", or you may even make a bet to make you more compelled to reach the target before the wedding.

3. Have a rewards system.

Having rewards allows you to anticipate the end result, and thus you become more encouraged to work harder. Treating yourselves to something simple-like going to the movies after you've lost your target pounds for the week-will also give you the necessary break after the hard work. Just remember to make smart choices when you treat yourselves; going to a buffet as a reward beats the purpose of exercising.


4. Be each other's trainer.

Shaping up can be an arduous task, and sometimes it's easier to just give up than to stick to the program. Watch out for each other so that either of you won't be prone to slacking off. Working out with a supportive companion like your fiancé can already do wonders for your regimen, because you'll get encouragement when you fall into a rut.

5. Incorporate exercise in other activities.

This could be as simple as parking farther from your favorite restaurant so that you'll need to walk a longer distance, or using the stairs whenever you spend idle time in the mall. Making an effort to follow such changes will constantly remind both of you of your goals-even when you're doing something leisurely like going out on a date. Eventually, these choices will then become automatic.

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