The food tasting session is one of the most important parts of your wedding preparations because this is where you get to sample the food that will be served during your wedding reception. Reputable catering supplier Bizu recognizes the huge role of delicious food served for your wedding. Christina Palma, Marketing Manager of Bizu, shares with us what couples can expect in a grand food tasting session with Bizu.

Sample various fare

With Bizu, you can expect to sample a variety of dishes, and scheduling a food tasting session is easy. "First, you need to choose a specific wedding package from Bizu, and then a food tasting session will be scheduled," Christina says. For buffet menus, you will be able to taste two of each viand of selection, two salads, two pastas and a buffet of desserts. On the other hand, for plated menus, two sets of the selected package will be prepared, and then everything will be served from the soups and appetizers to the dessert. Since the food tasting process is very extensive, Bizu charges a minimal fee of Php3,000 to PhP5,000 (depending on the preparation involved). However, upon booking, the fee will be deducted on your final billing which makes this process worth it.

Enjoy the session with your beau and two other guests

According to Christina, a total of three to four guests may join the private food tasting session, to help you and your beau critique the food. "Usually, parents or some of the entourage are involved to help them select their menu," Christina shares. Bonding over good food can also be the perfect opportunity for you to spend time with your loved ones, before the big day arrives. "Couples and their entourage may enjoy the session by coming with a huge appetite! This is so that they can taste a vast variety of the courses," Christina says.


Discuss preferences with the chef

Bizu's chef prepares food that's nothing short of perfect, but you may also make special requests. "The chef who prepared the meal is always ready to answer your questions," Christina says.  Also, if you want to alter a certain dish, the chef is willingly open to your suggestions. "After the food tasting session, our team will review all the selected menu items and discuss once again if there are special requests," Christina says. To further prioritize your requests, the accounts coordinator will also put a banquet event order to ensure that everything will be fulfilled on the day.

With Bizu's dedication to their clients, they promise to deliver an unforgettable banquet experience for your most special day. Christina shares," We don't stop unless you are fully satisfied. We will make sure that the food will be one of the best things that will happen to your wedding."

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