For couples, the day they finally exchange "I do's" feels like a dream coming to life. With a lifetime of love and bliss to look forward to, brides and grooms want their wedding day to be the wonderful beginning of their very own happily ever after. With the candid moments that fill such a beautiful celebration, young wedding photographer Teki Diaz immortalizes the special day through her photos.

Teki recognizes that there are more to nuptials than just posed couple portraits. She shares, "At first I thought it was only about taking photographs and making both bride and groom appear as though they are in for a happy ever after joyride forever. [Later on,] I realized that weddings also inspire me to want to capture sincere emotions of people. Weddings make me want to capture and showcase emotions more than planned poses. Weddings also make me dream of capturing adventures between two souls that are in love. The inspiration to do so is what made me decide to venture in the wedding industry."


For Teki, her involvement in the wedding industry is her calling. A close friend mentored her on how to cover weddings, which was a refreshing departure from the fashion shoots she was doing then. She hasn't looked back since. In 2012, Teki Diaz realized her dream of being a wedding photographer by establishing Teki Diaz Photography.

As a wedding photographer, Teki's love for the outdoors is also greatly evident. "My photographs resemble nature and adventure. My photo shoots involve a lot of outdoor elements, like flowers, grasslands, sunlight, [and] sometimes a little rain too!" Teki shares. She adds, "One will find more beautiful things, more great adventures, and more memorable experiences beyond the confines of four walls of a studio. I sincerely believe that. For some reason, brides and grooms look happier when they are out in the open, soaking up the sun."

Teki's obvious passion for her craft allows her couples to feel at ease around her. In return, Teki is stirred to give her clients more than 100%. The process of giving and taking inspiration to and from her clients fosters a pleasant environment that results to happy photos. "When I'm inspired, I pay it forward. Reaching out and helping others recognize their photographic eye and hone their talent in photography trains me as a photographer as well. It does help me a lot in terms of updating my skills," says Teki. She also grows in her art through constantly visualizing, dreaming, and finding ideas from art and her colleagues' works.


With Teki's skills, passion, and inspiration, couples' memories of their most special day come to life in rousing wedding photos they had long dreamed of.

Click here to see sample wedding photos by Teki Diaz.

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