People see different things when they peek through the viewfinder. Some may only see the subject’s physical attributes, while some see the essence of their subjects. It is when passion and skill for photography collide that beautiful pictures are transformed to memorable and noteworthy vestiges.

Photographer Paolo Feliciano's success story isn't the typical tale of learning the craft at an early age, but more of a series of  beautiful accidents brought about by his keenness for detail, and well, good luck. He narrates, "I run a graphic design company in Pampanga, and part of it includes designing marketing collaterals. There came a point when the photos I was being asked to use just didn't cut it, so I decided to do them myself." This pattern transcended to his now ever burning passion for photography and his need to produce photographs that make him, and most importantly, his clients, happy.

Paolo started out as a wedding photographer when he accidentally bumped into his friend who photographed his wedding. He started out tagging along at weddings, until clients started booking him for more project shoots. Paolo shares that wedding photography is like an otherworldly experience that elicits happy thoughts and positivity. He adds, "The beauty of shooting people is that you'll never know what to expect. Weddings are a welcome change to my regular routine. Shooting weddings always make me feel like I'm stepping into an alternate universe--a perfect world where everything is beautiful and everyone is happy."


With a background in interior photography, Paolo Feliciano sees more than what meets the eye. He finds intricate details formed by lines, shapes, texture, and color, among others. He composes his subjects by surveying the background and incorporating the external elements available to define and add essence to his photographs. “Weddings should be documented and not directed," he says. He aims shoot unobtrusively, and also thrives in spontaneity. He furthers, "All weddings are beautiful--I just make sure that they are remembered that way. Weddings are happy occasions, and beyond the people, the details, and everything else that is happening, I try to capture life, and that is what comes through my photos."

To keep his skills at par with the demands of the wedding industry, Paolo constantly practices photography every chance he gets. This 10,000-hour believer admits that in order to be truly good at something, one must keep practicing and honing his skills.

Paolo dreams big for the future. "I would like to be able to shoot more weddings all over the Philippines and all over the world." With the photographs he has taken so far, there's no doubt he'll travel the world and capture it in breathtaking postcards.

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