Videographers play an important role in weddings. They are assigned to capture the essence and highlights of the wedding and put them together to produce a video that will remind the couple and guests how great the wedding was. Because of the continuous nature of the medium, wedding videos can say a lot more--and in a more dynamic fashion--than photos.

It is thus important that a videographer realizes the importance of the role he is playing, something Digital Minds keeps in mind. For Joey Rivera, founder and owner of Digital Minds, "wedding videography is and will continue to be about passion and excellence." The team loves their work, which gives them the chance to truly see and capture the beauty and spontaneity of weddings. "We shoot unobtrusively most of the time allowing moments to happen naturally. We strive to make the videos elegant and timeless, and at the same time entertaining and interesting. We experiment with the looks and the feel of the video but the bottomline is that the video connects with the client," Joey explains.


Joey started making and editing videos as a hobby and as a favor to friends. He was always commended for his craft and constantly encouraged to develop what he was doing. When a wedding photographer friend asked his help to create a video in VHS format, and the video Joey produced delighted the client, his career as a videographer took off, and he has never looked back. Together with his wife Cathy, who shared his passion, Digital Minds was born. Even without formal training, the two were able to school themselves with the art and technicalities of videography by reading books and continually immersing themselves in their craft. They then began recruiting people and training them in the art of video shooting and editing. "Everyone in the team is constantly finding new and creative ways to do wedding videos," Joey shares.

Eight years into the business, Digital Minds has grown not only the business but also--and more importantly--the friendships they have developed with their clients. This, according to Joey, is far more valuable than the money they get out of it. Joey notes that before making a wedding video, they try to get to know the couple as much as they can so they can communicate their story well in video form. This relationship helps them produce warm videos that resonate with their clients.


Asked what moves him during a wedding, Joey answers that it's the bridal march. He thinks that the reaction from the groom and the guests as the bride walks to the altar can be quite powerful and moving. Realizing the power and responsibility that rests in their hands as part of the team that documents this once-in-a-lifetime event, Digital Minds plan to continue sharing such special moments with marrying couples in and out of the country.

Digital Minds is not just concerned with challenging and honing their creativity by covering weddings--they are committed to spreading the love shared by two people through their passion.

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