With Gio's expertise and passion for what he does, he offers impeccable service to brides. Browse through the list below and see why Gio's brand of service has become the most reliable choice for discriminating brides.

He constantly improves his craft.

With an impressive technical background and continuous studies in the United States, Gio has developed a meticulous eye, which allows him to deliver impeccable, high-definition quality results that bring out beautiful and dramatic transformations in all his brides. His dolled-up brides wow the groom and guests with simple, yet radiantly beautiful makeup. It's Gio's magic touch that makes every bride feel she's at her most beautiful. He leaves his clients ecstatic about his services.


He exudes a sunny disposition.

His loveable face and pleasant demeanor radiates and creates a very positive impression on everyone who sees him. With his disposition, Gio gains the trust of his clients. Beauty begets beauty!

He values professionalism.

Coming from a solid corporate background, he is very professional. He responds fast to client queries, observes punctuality and even comes in earlier than the call time, and goes beyond the extra mile when needed.

He works fast.

A certified makeup workhorse, Gio--along with his team--works really fast without compromising quality! He can deliver outstanding results in 15-20 minutes. Entourage members are raving about his works, since he can accommodate several clients at a wedding.

He uses top-notch products.

The makeup that Gio uses on his clients never melts down--they're 100 % sweat-proof and tear-proof. With his unique makeup style that he has mastered through the years and with the right combination of products, Gio assures clients that the makeup will stay put even if subjected to extreme conditions. He takes pride in assuring his brides that there is no need for any kind of touch-ups.


He complements a bride's look with gorgeous hair styling.

Gio works with an equally talented hairstylist, who has 16 years of experience servicing the some notable TV celebrities. Hairstyling is just as great as the makeup, and the fusion of these two elements makes for an exquisite final look.

He is generous with advice.

Instead of prettifying the bride just on her wedding, Gio also helps her with preparation tips that will make her even more radiant on the big day. Consultation is part of a client's trial session, where Gio also gives very helpful pieces of advice for the skin, hair, and other physical concerns.

Each client enjoys total transformation.

A bride gets to experience a makeover from an expert, as Gio himself handles the beauty and aesthetics department of a non-profit organization that transforms the country's top beauty queens. With his brushes, Gio truly makes magic. The transformations of his brides prove that he is undoubtedly a top-notch makeup artist. He is the recipient of the MUA of the Year and Reader's Choice awards for the Top Brand Awards in 2012.


With these remarkable qualities, it is no wonder that more and more brides continue to trust him on their big day.

Launch the gallery below to see some testimonials from former clients:

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