When choosing diamonds for a wedding ring, four factors are often considered. If you are more concerned about the size and weight of a diamond, you should learn more about a diamond's carat weight.

We asked Karat World to tell us more about a diamond's measurement.

What is a carat?

A carat is a unit of measurement for the weight of a diamond, sometimes also referred to as carat weight. One carat equals 200 milligrams or 0.2. grams.

How does the carat weight affect a diamond's value?

It goes without saying that the larger the carat weight, the more expensive the diamond. This is because larger diamonds are more rare and harder to find.

How are a diamond's cut and carat weight related?

Diamonds that have the same carat weight can still vary in appearance if they differ in cut and shape. For example, a diamond that is cut too shallow will have a larger diameter, compared to a diamond of the same carat weight but with a deeper cut (resulting in a smaller diameter).


How do I know which carat weight is best for my ring?

Keep in mind the following when determining the size of the diamond for your ring: your lifestyle, the size of your finger, the size of your setting, and your budget.

Larger diamonds are not quite advisable for women who have an active lifestyle or those who are not used to wearing large pieces of jewelry. You'll find that going about your daily chores wearing a large diamond may result in bumps and scratches.

Also, the size of your finger can affect how large a diamond appears. A 1 ½-carat diamond solitaire, for example, will obviously look much larger on a size 4 finger than on a size 8.

Your setting can also affect or enhance a diamond's carat weight. The diamond should just be able to rest properly on the setting and not get swallowed up by it.

Finally, just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you have to sacrifice or compromise your diamond's carat weight. You can still opt for a large diamond but also consider the cut, clarity, and color grade to get the right combination for the right price.


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