As the bride, you want your wedding to be as perfect as possible. From the dress to the guests, however, some details are bound to escape your notice. Here are some mistakes many brides (and wedding planners) make, which you can avoid.

1. You go around bookmarking pegs before you even have an idea of what you want.
It’s easy to be overwhelmed what with all the gorgeous table settings and flower arrangements you see on Pinterest, so before you even open your tablet, be very clear about what you want.

2. You forget about the guests.
It’s your wedding, therefore, it’s your day, but asking your friends and family to travel all the way to Tagaytay or Boracay for it without even giving them a second thought is kind of insensitive. If they have to make the trip, it would be nice if you can at least organize a shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

3. You misplace your ring.
It’s every bride-to-be’s nightmare. If at all possible, try not to remove it unless it’s a matter of life and death. Don’t remove it even when you have to wash your hands—the drain is right there! Don’t let your friends try it on either. In Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number, that’s how Poppy loses her engagement ring.

4. You don’t hire a wedding planner.
You may be a superwoman at work, but trust us, you still need a wedding planner. If you think you can handle everything, at least hire a wedding planner during the week of your nuptials or even on the day itself. You don’t want to worry about the flower girls’ gowns getting a snag when you could be enjoying the happiest day of your life.

5. You crash diet.
We get it—you want to look great for your wedding. They key to doing that, however, is to consult a nutritionist about a healthy regimen six months before the wedding, not six days before.

6. You don’t feed your suppliers.
Just because you’re paying them for their services doesn’t mean you can just leave them to fend for themselves during your wedding. Make sure you allot meals for each of your vendors. The last thing you want is to have disgruntled vendors asking for their payment on your honeymoon.

7. You forget about the groom.
It's his day, too! When you make a decision, make sure that he also gets a say. On the day of the wedding, give him a surprise gift to show him how very excited you are to become his wife. Remember, this day marks the beginning of your life together.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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