A bride and a groom enter the church as two individuals, but leave as one. Thus, the wedding recessional--or when the newlyweds emerge from the church after the wedding ceremony--is a milestone because they now step into the world as husband and wife.

To mark this symbolic moment, guests and well-wishers often greet the couple with fanfare. Traditionally, the newlyweds are showered with rice grains to symbolize fertility and abundance. This has now been banned in several areas, however, as the practice is not only non-sustainable (think of all those wasted grains), it is not eco-friendly as well.

Instead, couples have now come up with alternative ways to commemorate the recessional. Balloons, bubbles, and petals are among the popular wedding recessional trends while other couples turn to DIY projects such as wishing wands.

When choosing your recessional gimmick, don't forget to factor in conditions such as the time and place of your ceremony. Some churches and ceremony venues may still have certain restrictions when it comes to the recessional, so don't forget to check with them first.


View the gallery below to see six popular wedding recessional trends.

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