A bride's walk down the aisle would not be complete without a beautiful arrangement of flowers in her hand. Many brides put careful consideration into the selection of flowers that they want in their bouquet, but the type or arrangement of the bridal bouquet must also be considered.

To determine which type of bouquet suits the bride best, think of the following: (a) the bride's frame or body type, (b) the length and design of the wedding gown, and (c) the type of affair (whether formal or casual).

As a general rule, the size and type of bouquet must complement the bride's frame. Thus, petite brides should shy away from overly dramatic arrangements as this might overwhelm the look. Similarly, when taking the gown design into consideration, elegant bouquets complement simple gowns while a classic bouquet is best paired with gowns with elaborate details. Finally, match the bouquet type with the occasion. A garden wedding, for example, calls for dainty, hand-held arrangements whereas a lush bouquet befits a more formal celebration.

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In the end, go for the type of bouquet that not only looks good, but feels comfortable as well.

To see the 6 different types of wedding bouquets, view the gallery below.

To find suppliers for wedding flowers, click here.

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