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Cards Down: 6 Ways to Deal with Teenage Gambling

Juvenile gambling has many pitfalls. Here's how to deal with kids who have fallen into the trap of taking friendly bets to the next level.

Is it against the law to run over a dog?

Dogs run out of houses all the time--sometimes with tragic consequences. Chrissy ponders on who, if anyone, is to blame.

Rabies Can Turn You into a Zombie

Chrissy takes on the topic of rabies and responsible pet ownership.

Dog Clothes: Cute or Cruel?

Chrissy debates the pros and cons of putting pets like Papi--here literally a hot dog--in cute costumes.

Elwood, the World's Ugliest (But Maybe Luckiest) Dog

He may be an unusual-looking cross-breed, but Elwood has a lot to teach us about love and acceptance.

13,000 People Viewed My Hamster Video

Chrissy uploads a vid of Hamster Dam, and she becomes an internet celebrity--well, almost.

94-Pound Girl Versus 15-Gallon Fish Tank

Chrissy talks about her adventures--and misadventures--caring for tropical fish.

All Pets Go to Heaven

Chrissy pays tribute to five famously loyal dogs--and her own Papi, of course.

How much is that doggie in the window?

They're cute on display, but have you ever wondered how animals in pet store cages feel?

Finding a Pet-Friendly Condo

Chrissy's search for a home that will welcome her pet Papi finally ends.

Marrying a Dog Owner

Love me, love my pet--a lesson any new couple must learn.

The Pain of Losing a Pet

Loving--and losing--a pet takes commitment, courage, and a lot of heart.