Rica Bolipata Santos

Rica Bolipata Santos has been an English literature and creative writing teacher for 20 years and a wife for 15 of those years. In her own words, "I come from a family of artists, so articulation, courage, and derring-do are highly prized values in the family. I have three children, ages 13, 11, and 7."

Her number one hobby is reading. She sings with a community choir as well, so she also spends some of her time performing. She considers reading and singing the only two hobbies she has, and she dedicates the rest of her time to being the best mom she can be.

Rica is Female Network's very own mommy columnist; her column, "Motherline," never fails to pull at the heartstrings or get moms and moms-to-be thinking about their own parenting experiences and philosophies.



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