Camille Besinga


Modern Asian Style: From Asia With Love

A former expat finds her way back to her home country with her exotic furniture collection in tow.

Debtiquette: 6 Tips on Borrowing Money from or Lending It to Family and Friends

How do you deal with personal loans that are a little too personal? Know the right way to borrow from or lend to people who are close to you.

Global Glamour Style: Country Stone Condo

Designed to highlight its mixed stone finishes, this unusual condo feels like a cross between an American country cottage and a luxe urban pad.

Modern Asian Style: Wooden Style for Small Spaces

This tiny condo unit gets a big facelift with warm wood finishes and custom-made furnishings.

Cool Contemporary Style: One Bedroom Condo

This light and airy condo unit provides the personal canvas for a transitional aesthetic.

Pinoy Eclectic style: Family home

This work-in-progress home constantly evolves as it keeps up with the growing family living in it.