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Going swimsuit shopping? If you have wide shoulders, play up your torso with colorful bikini bottoms. A square neckline will also do wonders for your upper
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    Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo returns to our cover this September issue and gets candid about money, marriage, and motherhood.
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    Drop two sizes fast—with simple exercises you can do at home! This month's ultimate weight-loss special shows you how. Plus, real women share how you, too, can shed and keep off excess weight for good.
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10 Little Things That Could Be Draining Your Savings

The smallest things can affect your finances in the biggest ways. 
Jul 10, 2014

GIRLTalkers Reveal 10 Ways to Earn Passive Income

With a bit of risk-taking, you can grow your savings without even batting an eyelash. 
Jun 11, 2014

Team Kramer Partners With Sun Life to Help Spread Financial Literacy

Our favorite family teaches us how to prepare for the future. 
Jun 09, 2014

Give Your Finances an Overhaul

It's time you handle your money like an adult. 
Jun 04, 2014

Win-Win: How to Negotiate Your Way to a Business Deal

Here are a few tips to make sure business-related dealings go smoothly.  
May 28, 2014

5 Tips For Growing Your P10,000 to P100,000

Kick-start your savings with advice from your financially savvy GIRLTalkers. 
May 20, 2014

10 Tips on Starting a Business with Just P1,000

There is no small capital for any business-savvy woman. 
May 19, 2014

GIRLTalkers Share 5 Tips on Financial Freedom

Never let money worry you again. 
Apr 04, 2014

GIRLTalkers 'Fess up on How They Got Their First Million + 5 Money-Making Tips

Get valuable tips from these real-life millionaires from GIRLTalk! 
Apr 02, 2014

Money Smarts: 14 Financial Quotes to Kick Off 2014

Kick-start your financial journey this 2014 with these inspirational money quotes.  
Jan 10, 2014
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