Holidays and long weekends are a definite godsend—trust us, we know! They don't just give you time to recover from a long cycle of meetings and deadlines, but also help you clear your mind. Still, everyone has to go back to work sometime. Having trouble getting back into the groove? Here are five things you can do to get over that vacation hangover.

List down your priorities.
Before starting anything (or even opening your email), take note of the things you need to accomplish or deadlines you have to meet. Jotting down a to-do list keeps you on track for the rest of the day.

Take it easy.
You don’t have to answer all 107 emails at oncePace yourself a bit and take things one step at a time. Your mind is somehow still on vacation mode and transitioning from beach bum to worker bee will take some time (especially if you've just come from a four-day vacation). 

Get organized.
Begin by cleaning out your work space in the morningan organized working table may increase your work efficiency. Start by throwing out files you no longer need or unwanted paper clips and sticky notes scattered on your desk.   

Make weekend plans.
Give yourself something to look forward to this weekend–just because your vacation has ended doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and socialize. Arrange for a family barbecue dinner party on Friday or have a Saturdate with your friends. 

Don’t bring your work home.
The reality is, you won’t be able to complete all your unfinished work all at once, so after doing everything that you can on your first day back, relax as soon as you get home. Do not open your laptop. Spend time with your family, and rest so that you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to work the next morning. 

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