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Liquid eye liners are tricky, but to achieve a good flick, apply with your eyes slightly open. Look down at the mirror and, following the direction
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A Firm Handshake Leaves a Positive Impression, Says Study

Scientists confirm that the right grip can boost your positive vibes. 
Oct 29, 2012

Jumpstart Your Career: 5 Hottest Job Skills You Need to Have

What do employers really want? Here are the skills that can fast-track your way to nabbing that dream job.  
Oct 25, 2012

Drowsy Spells: 5 Tips to Dispel Office ZZZ's

Nodding off at work? Check out these tips for staying awake. 
Oct 22, 2012

Study Says There's No Such Thing as "Monday Blues"

Not feeling so hot on a Monday? Research says it isn't really that bad. 
Oct 15, 2012

Business Sense: 10 Words You Need to Know

When your boss starts talking shop, show him that you know what he's talking about. 
Oct 15, 2012

Jobstreet Releases Jumpstart Your Career, the Ultimate Career Handbook

Get an edge over other job applicants with this handbook! 
Oct 12, 2012

Study Reveals How Depression Affects the Workplace

Depression is a threat not only to the person going through it, but also to those around her. 
Oct 10, 2012

The Mommy Returns: 5 Tips on How You Can Get Back on the Job Saddle

Get the job you deserve while meeting the needs of your family. 
Oct 04, 2012

New Study: Your Genes Might Affect How You Respond to Stress

Research says that your anxiety isn't about your work; it's about you. 
Sep 25, 2012

Open and Shut: 15 Tips on Organizing Your Files

Having a hard time keeping your papers in order? Let us clue you in on a few handy hints. 
Sep 20, 2012
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