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December 06, 2010

Which teleserye should you be in?

Agua Bendita, I Love Betty La Fea, Kristine, or Magkaribal--which TV drama suits your personality best?
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teleseryes.jpgAdmit it, FNites! Your weekdays just wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t tune in to your favorite afternoon soaps and primetime teleseryes. The angst, the drama, the complicated love affairs—these are all part of what makes the teleserye formula such a hit with us Filipinas.  

Here at FN, we love us our dramatic dialogue and intricate plot twists, and we're sure you do too. Have you ever wondered which teleserye you'd belong to, given your personality? Find out if you should be in Agua Bendita, I Love Betty La Fea, Kristine, or Magkaribal by taking the quiz below.

(Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN)

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1 .) A superior stole your idea for a project at work! How do you react?
  1. At first, you€™re crushed, but you eventually recover enough to ask her why she did it.
  2. You€™re disappointed, but you laugh it off. You€™ll have other ideas. These ones will be even better.
  3. You€™re hurt, but tell yourself it's possible she probably got the idea from somewhere else.
  4. You confront her about it. She may be your boss, but that doesn€™t mean she can walk all over you.
2 .) Your friend calls you, crying over a personal problem. You're at work and trying to beat a deadline. What do you do?
  1. You listen to her and get upset. You consider ditching work to come over and help.
  2. You tell her to meet you for lunch--you€™ll have more time to discuss and solve the problem then, plus face-to-face friendship beats phoning.
  3. You set your work aside and console her. Your friends are always your first priority.
  4. You apologize, but you're working against the clock. You direct her to another friend instead, and offer to meet up with her at a later date.
3 .) What’s your dream man like?
  1. Someone who can sweep you off your feet and take you away from here.
  2. Someone cute and sensible, with a wacky sense of humor to match.
  3. Someone kind and caring who can protect you when you need him to.
  4. Someone strong and determined. He€™ll need to be energetic in order to keep up with you.
4 .) How about your dream home?
  1. An out-of-town place just for you and your hubby--preferably with a great view of the mountains and lots of trees.
  2. A bungalow in a safe, quiet neighborhood. Or perhaps a bigger house, if you have a family.
  3. A cottage by the sea.
  4. A mansion in the suburbs.
5 .) What’s your favorite teleserye cliché?
  1. Poor girl falls in love with rich guy, and they live happily ever after.
  2. The guy is able to look beyond looks and falls for a girl who, while not necessarily ugly, is a bit on the average side when it comes to beauty.
  3. The good guys always win.
  4. The kontrabida is a beautiful, confident woman at the top of her game.
6 .) If you had just one pet peeve about your parents, what would it be?
  1. They tell you who you should marry, but you know you€™re capable of finding your life partner yourself.
  2. Your parents want you to put yourself first when your first priority is your family.
  3. They're too overprotective€”even though you€™re thirty!
  4. Your parents pressure you too much to succeed. As if you aren't doing that already.
7 .) If your life were going to be turned into a teleserye, what would it be like?
  1. A dramatic tale of love and adventure€”it€™s exactly how you want your life with your man to be like.
  2. A fun and quirky office story that mirrors the way things are at your workplace.
  3. A fantaserye about a girl with a golden heart, just like you and your unwavering trust in people.
  4. A fast-paced story full of action, intrigue, and power-tripping because that€™s what real life is like.
8 .) If you were going to be a character in a soap opera, who would you be?
  1. The plucky heroine whose curiosity frequently gets her into trouble
  2. The minor character who later turns out to be essential to the story
  3. The protagonist€™s best friend and the voice of reason in the show
  4. The cruel but still lovable (dare we say misunderstood?) kontrabida
9 .) What’s your group of friends like?
  1. A tight clique of girlfriends. There€™s gossip and tons of girl bonding to be had.
  2. A small, close-knit group of friends. You€™ve been through a lot together, and you know you€™ll have them for life.
  3. You€™re friends with a lot of people, all with diverse backgrounds and interests.
  4. No group, only your BFF since diaper days. You don€™t trust other people easily, and she's more than enough for you.
10 .) What do you do on the weekends?
  1. Go out and hang out with your girlfriends
  2. Take some "me" time to relax and recharge
  3. Spend time with your family
  4. Do a bit of extra work before going shopping
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  • paige Dec 06 2010 @ 12:12pm Report Abuse
    Betty la Fea! lol!!!!
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  • tiffiniexx Dec 10 2010 @ 01:47am Report Abuse
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  • marcy Dec 22 2010 @ 02:31pm Report Abuse
    i prefer to write my own teleserye!
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