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Read your car manual to improve your maintenance skills

Having trouble maintaining your car? Make sure you read the manual carefully to understand how it works, where all the parts are, and when to have them replaced.

Bring an umbrella if you're commuting

Are you a commuter? Don't forget to bring an umbrella! It's handy for both sunny and rainy days.

Give kids rewards for a job well done

Want to be a more supportive parent? Give your kids a reward when they've done something commendable like when they get high grades or grab the lead in a school play.

Buy food that's in season to save money

Do you feel like eating healthy is expensive? Try buying food that's in season. It's more likely to be cheap because it means the food you're getting cost less to transport.

Reduce job stress by thinking positive

Is your job stressing you out? Think positive in spite of problems. This will help you get through the day no matter what challenges come your way.

Don't match clothing and makeup colors

Want your makeup to look chic? Avoid wearing makeup that's the same color as your clothes. Matching red lipstick with a red shirt, for example, just makes it look like you're overdoing it.

Find the right car service

Need help maintaining your car? Research about local car services, and find out which ones have glowing reviews. Visit them individually to see how they work so that you can choose the right one for you and your car.

Avoid the rush hour

Worried about getting caught in heavy traffic on your way to or from work? If your work hours are flexible, try coming in and leaving either earlier or later.

Encourage kids to play sports instead of watching TV

Looking for activities your kid can do in place of watching TV? Encourage them to take up a sport. If you're game, you can even play with them and turn it into bonding time.

Go generic with food brands to save money

Want to spend less money for food? Look for generic brands when you shop. An unknown brand doesn't automatically mean it's not of good quality. Look at labels and ingredient breakdowns to learn what's in your food before you buy it.

Bike for exercise

Want to improve your health? Try biking. It give you your aerobic exercise fix while helping save the earth at the same time (it doesn't use fuel!).

Visit an aquarium to teach kids about marine life

Want to teach your child about sea life? Take a trip to an aquarium like the Manila Ocean Park, and spend the day learning and having fun with him.

Avoid overcooking to keep yourself healthy

Worried that you're not eating a healthy diet? Make sure you don't overcook your food as it makes them lose nutrients and flavor.

Use rechargeable batteries to reduce waste

Stocking up on batteries for emergencies? Get rechargeable ones. Not only does it save you some cash in the long run; it's good for the environment too.

Pencil in dates to avoid work conflicts

No time left to spend with your hubby? Schedule your dates in advance. That way, they will conflict less with work, and you'll be able to enjoy your partner's company.
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