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tip of the day THU 24 APR 14
Start maintaining a balanced diet by exchanging cake and chocolate for dried fruit, raisin toast, and low-fat fruit yogurt.
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    Find your bliss this summer! GH's guide to a calmer, luckier, and happier you. On stands now for only P120.
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    Real Living’s April 2014 issue is a thing of beauty, literally! The magazine’s Beautiful Homes issue features 43 pages which will inspire you to rethink your own space.
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17 APR 14
5 Ways to Reflect and Meditate When You’re Time-Bound
BY Jennifer Chan Whether you have five minutes or five days, a breather from all the deadlines and meetings will do you good.
19 MAR 14
At First Sight: Scribe’s Flagship Store
BY Jennifer Chan This is not your ordinary office supply store.
18 JUL 13
Writing May Help Physical Wounds Heal Faster, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Researchers suggest that writing may quicken the body's healing processes.
26 MAR 13
Have a Creative Summer at the Ayala Museum's Write Now! Writing Workshops!
Hone your writing skills this summer under the tutelage of some of the country's top young writers!
07 JAN 13
Best Year Ever: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013
BY Jennifer Chan FN staff writer Jen Chan vows to make good this year, starting with these five resolutions.
01 DEC 12
30 AUG 12
FN Exclusive: Pinay Novelist Jennifer Hillier Writes Scary Stories with Style
BY Liana Smith-Bautista The internationally published author of Creep and Freak talks about her writing, what she loves about being Filipino, and more.
03 MAY 12
MINT College Screenwriting and Playwriting Workshops with Dang Bagas until May 12
Hone your writing skills by enrolling in this writing workshop!
22 APR 12
FN Exclusive: YA Author Lauren Oliver on Delirium and Writing
BY Belle Yambao FN sits down with the New York Times bestselling author, who was in the country for the release of Pandemonium, the second book in her dystopian trilogy.
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