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28 NOV 13
Willie Revillame Plans to Revive Wowowillie
The TV host said that he might launch his new show "early next year."
31 MAY 13
Willie Revillame Faces Child Abuse Charges for
Willie's camp insists that the charges have no basis since the child was not found to have suffered from abuse due to his performance.
24 MAY 13
Court of Appeals Upholds Suspension of Willing Willie
The court maintains that the MTRCB was right to suspend the show due to the controversial episode that showed a young boy gyrating onstage.
23 MAY 13
Willie Revillame to Resign from TV5
The TV host says he wants to focus on his businesses for now.
22 NOV 12
Willie Revillame Bids Goodbye to TV5
The controversial game show host said he will make an important announcement on January 5, 2013.
01 APR 11
Are you pushing your child too hard? 5 Things to Consider
BY Myra Mortega Ask yourself these five questions before signing your child up for something she or he may not enjoy doing.
29 MAR 11
6-Year-Old Jan-Jan Cries While Dancing on Willing Willie: Cute or Cruel?
BY Pia Garcia A young boy was made to dance on the noontime show even as he was crying. Do you think that this was right? Take the poll!
04 JAN 11
Shalani and Willie Spotted in Boracay: What do you think of this matchup?
BY Belle Yambao The Willing Willie co-hosts spent New Year’s Eve together. Are you for or against this real-life team-up? Take the FN poll!
22 DEC 10
Scent-sational: Over 20 Celebrity Scents
BY Belle Yambao Check out these fabulous perfumes from local stars.
11 DEC 10
Willie Revillame is courting Shalani Soledad + What would you do in her place?
BY Belle Yambao The Willing Willie host is pulling out all stops for the Valenzuela councilor. Share your reaction by taking the poll.
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