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    Real Living’s April 2014 issue is a thing of beauty, literally! The magazine’s Beautiful Homes issue features 43 pages which will inspire you to rethink your own space.
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29 APR 13
How to Exercise with Your Cats
Here's how your favorite feline friends can help you lose those last few pounds.
28 APR 13
12 Ways to Style Jeans
Here's how you can make the most out of all the jeans in your closet.
27 APR 13
26 APR 13
Baby River Otter Learns How to Swim
Watch how this cure creature makes the water his home.
25 APR 13
Headless Drive-Through Prank
How would you react if a headless guy suddenly drives up to your doorstep? Watch a few varying reactions here.
24 APR 13
How to Make Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Start your day right with a batch of these delicious goodies!
23 APR 13
Twin Sisters Find Each Other Online
Find out how social media helped a pair of long-lost sisters reconnect.
22 APR 13
How to Create a Japanese Garden on Your Porch Roof
See how a few simple plants can prettify your unused space.
21 APR 13
A Trailer for Every Rom-Com Ever
This trailer demonstrates how watching just one rom-com can make you feel like you've seen them all.
20 APR 13
Cat Gives Another Cat a Massage
This adorable kitty has a bright future in the physical therapy business!
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