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13 NOV 13
This Beer Commercial is Absolutely Heartwarming
Who would have thought a TV spot selling alcohol would make us shed a tear?
04 JUN 12
School Teachers Video Bomb Their Students
In this video, students give earnest feedback to one teacher while unaware that other teachers are dancing behind them.
02 JUN 12
Father and Daughter Dance to MC Hammer's
The father-daughter dance at a wedding is a time-honored tradition--one that gets updated when this bride and her father rock out to MC Hammer.
01 JUN 12
Pranking Tourists at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Tourists like to pose so that it looks like they're holding up this monument, and one guy decides to get in the way of their photo ops.
20 APR 12
The Story of Danny and Annie
This depiction of the real-life story of a widow and the love of her life will move you to tears.
03 APR 12
Dark Shadows Official Trailer
Johnny Depp stars in another quirky movie playing a vampire who is determined to restore his family's wealth.
26 MAR 12
Supermodel Miranda Kerr Campaigns for Earth Hour
Miranda Kerr encourages everyone to turn off their lights for earth hour.
25 MAR 12
Smart Dog Helps Clean the House, Gives Massages, and More
Watch this dog earn his kibble with the helpful tricks his owner has taught him.
20 MAR 12
Two-Year-Old Girl Sings Adele's
This little girl may occasionally stumble on the song's lyrics, but watch how she does her best to belt out the chorus.
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