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Eat slowly. It's good for better digestion--it will help you enjoy your food more too!
  • Good House Keeping
    The July issue is our Makeover Special! Be inspired by the weight-loss successes of The Biggest Loser’s Kayen Lazaro and Osie Nebreja, who entered the reality TV show simply wanting to lose weight but ended up gaining whole new (healthier!) lives.
    Good Housekeeping
  • Women's Health
    Jumpstart your best body today with this month’s best foods special. Women’s Health shares over 100 of the best packaged foods for women, sourced from leading supermarkets, specialty stores, and delivery services.
    Women's Health
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17 APR 11
Summer Beauty 101: No More Chapped Lips
BY Marie Calica Read on and learn how you can get rid of this common summer beauty dilemma.
16 APR 11
Dumaguete in a Day: 4 Places to Look For
BY Charmaine S. Baylon Things to do and places to visit in this quaint little city.
16 APR 11
Hair Care 101: Say No to Sun-Fried Hair!
BY Marie Calica How do you keep your hair from drying out this summer? Check out this expert tip!
15 APR 11
What was your best vacation ever?
BY Pia Garcia FN wants to know about your favorite vacation (or staycation) experience of all time. Tell us about it by leaving a comment.
15 APR 11
Movie Madness: 25 Flicks to Freshen Up Your Summer
BY Myra Mortega Seek refuge from the summer heat and stay indoors with these 25 movies that will surely keep you hooked.
15 APR 11
40 Weekend Activities You Can Do with Your Kids
If you’re having trouble coming up with fresh and fun activities to do with your child during the weekends, here are 40 ideas to help you out.
14 APR 11
Penshoppe Jetsetters: Over 15 Easy Looks for the Summer Style Savant
BY Patricia Dayacap Be transported to your favorite summer spots with this lookbook featuring Bea Soriano and Akihiro Sato.
14 APR 11
What's your traveler profile?
BY Pia Garcia Whether you love history, fashion, food, music, or adventure, this quiz will let you know what kind of trip is perfect for you!
14 APR 11
How to Keep Your Makeup Flawless This Summer
Here are 9 tips to maintain a fresh-faced look under the sun’s rays!
12 APR 11
Travelers' Tales: An Overnight Stay in Bolinao, Pangasinan
BY Lorela U. Sandoval You don't have to travel far to experience white sand beaches. Discover the treasures of the quaint town of Bolinao in Pangasinan with this gallery of over 30 photos.
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