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28 MAR 13
Stressful Recollections May Increase Inflammation Risk
BY Charlene J. Owen Thinking too much about past negative situations may take its toll on your health.
19 MAR 13
Five Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed
BY Marianne Salazar Wondering why your pooch is acting strange lately? Here's how you can figure out if something's amiss in your pet's world.
09 MAR 13
Stressed Infants May Have Increased Cardiovascular Risks Later in Life
BY Charlene J. Owen Keeping your baby in a tension-free environment may help him stay healthy in the years to come.
26 FEB 13
Children Who Are Unable to Process Stress May Resort to Binge Eating
BY Charlene J. Owen It doesn't only happen to adults. A recent study says kids may turn to overeating when faced with too much tension.
25 FEB 13
24 FEB 13
Setting Boundaries is Important in Managing Work-Related Stress
BY Charlene J. Owen Allowing yourself to disconnect from work after office hours and during weekends can help you recover physically, mentally, and emotionally.
19 FEB 13
Work-Related Stress Won’t Directly Cause Cancer, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Stress can cause other unwanted physical and psychological consequences, but cancer isn't one of them.
03 FEB 13
Touch Therapy: Techniques to Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy
BY Jennifer Chan Having constant contact is good for both you and your newborn.
14 JAN 13
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