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20 SEP 12
Stress Coupled with Salt Retention May Lead to Hypertension
BY Charlene J. Owen Excess salt in your body is never a good thing, especially if it piles up every time you get stressed.
18 SEP 12
Regularly Working Long Hours May Jeopardize Your Health
BY Charlene J. Owen Research suggests that if you frequently work over eight hours a day, it may lead to high blood pressure and poor eating habits.
08 SEP 12
Stress Can Cause Breast Cancer To Spread
BY Charlene J. Owen Research reveals that stress could make things worse for patients.
07 SEP 12
Too Much Stress May Cause Premature Aging
BY Charlene J. Owen According to a recent study, stress can affect you on a genetic level.
06 SEP 12
Stress Can Lead Us to Rely More on Intuition Than on Logic, According to Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Research shows that certain sections of the brain are more active depending on how stressed we are.
05 SEP 12
Women with Stressful Jobs More Likely to Develop Cardiovacular Disease
BY Charlene J. Owen Are you a career woman working in a stressful environment? It may be time to be more conscious of what your heart could be trying to tell you.
31 AUG 12
Chronic Stress Makes You More Likely to Have a Stroke
Research shows that life stressors and type A personality traits can cause chronic stress, which has been linked to a high risk of stroke.
31 AUG 12
What's your inner stress monster?
Stress can drive sane women bonkers. Take our quiz to find out the nature that madness takes when the pressure peaks.
30 AUG 12
10 Office Nightmares and How to Survive Them
BY Charlene J. Owen Stuck in a stressful office? Here are 10 hostile situations in the workplace and tips on dealing with them.
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