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14 JAN 13
13 JAN 13
Looking for Nirvana: 5 Easy Stay-At-Home De-Stressing Tips
BY Jennifer Chan You don't have to stray too far from home for a bit of R and R.
05 JAN 13
Anxiety and Neuroticism May Raise Risk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
BY Charlene J. Owen Being a worry-wart isn't going to help you any--in fact, it may even give you more things to get anxious about.
04 JAN 13
Perceived Stress During Your Younger Years May Later On Haunt Your Heart
BY Charlene J. Owen Going bonkers with stress isn't going to solve anything--in fact, it may even give you future health problems.
16 DEC 12
Exercise May Help You Deal with Holiday Stress
BY Charlene J. Owen Stressed because of the season? Doing a few exercises may just get your ho-ho-hos back.
13 DEC 12
06 DEC 12
Holiday Health Hazards: 6 Common Health Concerns during the Festive Season
BY Ruth M. Floresca Health concerns can sure put a damper on holiday celebrations. Be informed about the common ailments by checking this guide.
02 DEC 12
5 Stressful Party Situations and How to Deal with Them
BY Patricia Dayacap Our guide will ensure you won't lose your head should these occurrences come your way.
28 NOV 12
Unemployment May Increase Your Risk of Getting a Heart Attack
BY Charlene J. Owen So you find yourself suddenly jobless--keep calm and carry on, or else you may be facing problems far greater than where to get your next paycheck.
19 NOV 12
Stressed Would-Be Mothers Are More Likely To Have Children Susceptible to Bullying
BY Charlene J. Owen Research shows that a mother's anxiety may affect her child's way of dealing with tense situations, increasing his likelihood of being victimized.
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