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Don't be fooled by renamed shampoo types. The only shampoo types you can choose from are deep cleansing, conditioning, baby, and anti-dandruff. Know which type you
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11 SEP 13
Mindfulness May Help Reduce Stress, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Researchers say that practicing controlled breathing and daily meditation may help prevent burnout.
10 SEP 13
Taking Quick Breaks May Help You Deal with Stress, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen The smallest of issues may cause you lose it. When stress gets the better of you, take a break.
02 SEP 13
Working Overtime Too Often May Compromise Your Health and Well-Being
BY Charlene J. Owen Giving time to other aspects of your life instead of solely focusing on your career may help you stay healthy.
23 AUG 13
Debt May Increase Risk of Hypertension and Depression in Young Adults
BY Charlene J. Owen Managing your finances properly may help you avoid headaches and other health problems later on.
20 AUG 13
Kids with Chronic Stomach Aches May Suffer from Anxiety Disorder as Adults
BY Charlene J. Owen Parents should train their children to manage physical pain brought about by stress to avoid suffering from anxiety when they grow up.
19 AUG 13
Working Moms Are More Stressed about Family Matters than Working Dads, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Women who balance their lives at home and in the office need to learn how to give themselves a break and to lean on their families for support.
06 AUG 13
Adult Anxiety and Binge Eating May Be Traced to Early-Life Stress
BY Charlene J. Owen According to research, exposure to stress as an infant may cause people to consume more comfort foods during adulthood.
05 AUG 13
5 Anti-Aging Office Stress Busters
BY Jennifer Chan Stay in zen mode this Manic Monday with these quick and easy tips.
30 JUL 13
Optimism May Help Your Body Handle Stress Better
BY Charlene J. Owen Looking at the silver lining behind every cloud may help your body deal with rising cortisol levels.
29 JUL 13
Giving Yourself a Break May Help You Manage Priorities Better
BY Charlene J. Owen Tired of juggling responsibilities and sacrificing one for another? Giving yourself time to de-stress may help you deal with them.
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