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20 NOV 13
Bad Blood: Celebrity Sibling Wars of 2013
BY Marianne Salazar See the stars who made it to the showbiz headlines for waging a war with their own kin.
29 JAN 13
Cristine Reyes Wants to End Fight with Ara Mina
The actress said she doesn't want her family's problems to be publicized.
24 JAN 13
Cristine Reyes Maintains Ara Mina Won't Accept Her Apology
The actress still hopes that her feud with her sister will be over soon.
31 DEC 12
Fights Between Siblings May Lead to Depression Later in Life
BY Charlene J. Owen Those little sibling squabbles may have a greater effect on your kids than you realize.
19 DEC 12
Cristine Reyes Hopes to Spend Christmas with Ara Mina
The star says she hasn't stopped reaching out to her estranged sister.
04 DEC 12
Sibling Rivalry Can Be Overcome, Study Says
BY Charlene J. Owen Activities that promote teamwork and cooperation are the key to reducing those daily squabbles among young siblings.
25 JUN 12
Cristine Reyes Apologizes to Ara Mina on National TV
The actress has told her older sister that she's sorry, but a subsequent tweet from Ara Mina may imply that the apology has not been accepted.
30 APR 12
Cristine Reyes Wants to Fix Her Rift with Ara Mina
The actress has already reached out to her sister, her spokesperson says.
25 APR 12
5 Ways to Get out from under the Shadow of an Accomplished Parent or Sibling
BY Belle Yambao Making your mark on the world gets harder when you're constantly being compared to a successful parent or sibling.
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