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Start maintaining a balanced diet by exchanging cake and chocolate for dried fruit, raisin toast, and low-fat fruit yogurt.
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04 JUN 13
Sporty Dog: An Introduction to Flyball
BY Marianne Salazar Here's the 411 on this cool canine sport.
23 MAY 13
Dog Tears Up While Watching Lion King
This cute pup sure felt Simba's pain!
15 MAY 13
Having a Pet May Lower Risk of Heart Disease
BY Charlene J. Owen The connection between you and your furry friend may be responsible for keeping your heart healthy.
14 MAY 13
A Six-Legged Race: 3 Tips for First-Time Dog Run Participants
BY Marianne Salazar Take note of these reminders before you enter your dog in his first fun run.
16 APR 13
5 Things Every Pet Owner Should Know about Ticks
BY Marianne Salazar Keep your beloved pet healthy and itch-free by knowing how to keep these pesky little bugs at bay.
11 APR 13
How to Tell If Your Cat is Really a Dog
Is your cat really a dog in whiskery clothing? Find out by watching this video!
02 APR 13
Too Hot for Comfort: 5 Heatstroke Prevention Tips for Your Pooch
BY Marianne Salazar Make sure your dog stays cool this summer by following these tips.
19 MAR 13
Five Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed
BY Marianne Salazar Wondering why your pooch is acting strange lately? Here's how you can figure out if something's amiss in your pet's world.
20 FEB 13
Imaginary Dog Conversations with Mike Dee
BY Mike Dee FN photographer Mike Dee takes photos of dogs and tries to interpret what they are trying to say.
07 FEB 13
Cat Helps Out with the Laundry
Check out this feline's incredible laundry-saving skills!
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