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Before implementing rules, thoroughly explain their purpose and consequences to your kids to teach them responsibility rather than conformity.
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20 MAR 12
Sudsy Strategies: 12 Tips on Giving Your Dog a Bath
BY Kat Darauay Here are 12 basic things you should know before, during, and after giving your furry friend a bath.
20 MAR 12
Pet Express Doggie Run on March 24
Have fun with your dog by joining the Pet Express Doggie Run!
16 MAR 12
07 MAR 12
Free Puppy Socialization Seminar on March 11
The dog coach Francis Cleofas will help your little pup for free!
29 FEB 12
12 Dog Breeds for Animal Lovers with Allergies
BY Loraine Balita-Centeno Why live a sad pet-less life just because of your allergies? Check out FN's list of dog breeds for people with achoolergies.
20 JAN 12
Watch This Cute Doggie Go Beddy-bye
Watch this little puppy yawn his way to sleep.
17 JAN 12
Popular Pooches: Top 10 Dog Breeds in the Philippines
Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas are just some of Pinoys' canine favorites, according to the rankings by the Philippine Canine Club Inc.
11 JAN 12
Two Lions and a Dog Get Friendly
These cute lion cubs look as friendly as lambs.
05 JAN 12
Getting a Cat May Cause You to Become Allergic to It over Time
Research shows that your allergies may get in the way of having a harmonious relationship with your new pet.
12 OCT 11
A Pug Plays Some Tunes on the Piano
Brighten up your day with this adorable video!
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