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06 DEC 13
12 NOV 13
Prolonged Painkiller Intake May Cause Depression
BY Charlene J. Owen Those pills may alleviate physical pain, but taking them too often may open emotional wounds.
13 MAR 13
Fiddling Too Much with Your Mobile Device May Cause “Text Neck”
BY Charlene J. Owen Finger fatigue isn't only what you get if you stay bent over your smartphone for extended periods.
06 DEC 12
Getting Enough Sleep at Night May Help You Stay Alert and Withstand Pain
BY Charlene J. Owen A new study shows another benefit you can get from giving your body the chance to rest.
04 DEC 12
Healing Flexibility: Yoga May Treat Neck Pain
BY Charlene J. Owen Pull out those yoga mats! According to a new study, this meditative exercise can heal as much as it can give you an awesome workout.
29 NOV 12
Laugh The Pain Off, Study Recommends
BY Charlene J. Owen Research shows that an awesome throw-your-head-back fit of laughter can ease physical pain.
23 JUL 12
If Your Dog Is Suddenly Aggressive, It Could Be a Sign Your Pet Is in Pain
BY Jennifer Chan A recent study shows that an uncharacteristic growl may hint at an underlying health condition.
24 FEB 12
Rejection Can Hurt--Literally!
BY Jennifer Chan Research shows that physical pain and social pain can sometimes overlap.
01 FEB 12
Your Good Intentions Can Ease Others' Painful Experiences
BY Jennifer Chan Research shows people feel more pleasure and less pain when they believe someone wants to help them make things better.
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