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27 JAN 14
Older Adults with Computer Access May Be Healthier, Says New Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Building and maintaining online may reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.
26 JAN 14
Older Women May Still Benefit from Cervical Cancer Screening
BY Charlene J. Owen Researchers recommend being screened for cervical cancer until age 69.
14 JAN 14
Vitamin E May Help Protect Older Adults from Memory Loss
BY Charlene J. Owen Regularly taking supplements and eating kinds of food that are rich in vitamin E may help maintain brain health.
07 JAN 14
High Levels of Bad Cholesterol May Increase Alzheimer's Disease Risk
BY Charlene J. Owen Cholesterol has been linked to the growth of amyloid plaques in older adults diagnosed with dementia.
27 DEC 13
09 DEC 13
Getting Physical Even at an Advanced Age May Be Beneficial
BY Charlene J. Owen New research reveals that regularly exercising at least once a week may promote healthy aging.
26 NOV 13
18 NOV 13
Speaking Two or More Languages May Help Delay Dementia
BY Charlene J. Owen Knowing more than just your mother tongue may protect you from age-related cognitive diseases.
14 NOV 13
A Mediterranean Diet May Keep You Healthy Until Old Age
BY Charlene J. Owen Enjoying grains, fruits, berries, vegetables, and fish at a young age may mean better health during your older years.
04 NOV 13
DIY Activities May Lower Risk of Heart Problems in Older Adults
BY Charlene J. Owen Remaining active in your older years may help you fight off life-threatening conditions.
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