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20 DEC 13
New Study Warns Against Drinking Raw Milk
BY Charlene J. Owen Researchers believe that drinking unpasteurized milk may not be as healthy as you think.
18 AUG 13
08 MAY 13
Magnesium Promotes Bone Health in Kids As Much As Calcium Does
Calcium and magnesium should go hand-in-hand in building and strengthening bones.
04 APR 13
Shifting to Skim Milk May Not Be as Effective in Dealing with Juvenile Obesity, Study Suggests
BY Charlene J. Owen The kind of milk children drink may not really matter if the rest of their diet is less than healthy.
26 MAR 13
Milk May Help Prevent Metabolic Syndrome in Young Adults, Study Suggests
BY Charlene J. Owen Milk isn't just for babies. Even teenagers need to drink more of it, too.
17 JAN 13
26 NOV 12
Drinking Milk as a Child May Help Keep You Active as an Adult
BY Charlene J. Owen Better get that milk moustache on, as the effects of this wonder drink last far longer than you think.
05 NOV 12
Health Stealth: 5 Unexpected Sources of Antioxidants
One of your favorite foods may just be an antioxidant powerhouse!
12 OCT 12
Milk Helps You Fight Cancer, Study Says
BY Charlene J. Owen A new study reveals that milk is more hard-core than you were led to think.
21 MAY 12
Eat Smart: 20 Foods That Amp Up Your Brain Power
BY Gabriela Lee Boost your brain cells with these tasty treats that are sure to please your taste buds--and your thought processes.
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