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27 SEP 16
8 Pinays Share What They Wish They Knew Before They Got Married
BY Liana Smith-Bautista There's quite a bit of transitioning involved when you "put a ring on it"!
24 SEP 16
My Husband and I Waited Seven Years to Have a Kid (Sort Of)
BY Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza "...the itch to grow the family became an urge. I was nearing my 30s and I felt the clock ticking."
17 SEP 16
Why I'm Not in a Rush to Marry My Long-Term Girlfriend at 33
BY JD Pablo One man talks about his eight-year relationship and his willingness to wait for the right time.
10 SEP 16
3 Clear Signs Your Man is Husband Material
BY Kris Flojo Marriage does not guarantee picture perfect, happy days for the rest of your life so pick a good partner.
28 AUG 16
5 Science-Backed Ingredients for a Happy and Successful Marriage
BY Rachel Perez for Smartparenting.com.ph Actions like silent treatments, shouting matches, name-calling, or playing the blame game only lead to resentment.
03 AUG 16
What to Do When Your Friend Is Marrying the Wrong Person
BY Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza A real friend always tells the truth, no matter how painful it is.
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