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    Forever young Cheska Garcia-Kramer talks about her stay-gorgeous secrets, mommy bliss, and the surprising success of #TeamKramer in the August issue a.k.a. the Anti-Aging Special of Good Housekeeping!
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29 AUG 14
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Finally Married!
Hollywood's power couple has made it official.
20 AUG 14
How to Update Legal Documents for Married Women
BY Myra Mortega Here are quick tips to legal documents that every bride should know.
11 AUG 14
5 Surefire Ways to Make Your In-Laws Love You
BY Myra Mortega Stressing out on your in-laws? Here are five tips on how you can win them over to your side.
17 JUN 14
5 Wedding Registries We Love
BY Jennifer Chan Having trouble telling your guests what you want?
26 MAY 14
BY Charlene J. Owen Find out what our GIRLTalkers feel about suddenly being thrust into a telenovela of a marriage.
05 MAY 14
5 Marriage Tips from Our Favorite Celebs
BY Jennifer Chan These amazing women share their tips to keeping their union alive despite the stress of living in the limelight.
10 APR 14
25 MAR 14
20 FEB 14
This Video Pokes Fun at the Pressure to Have Kids
Just got hitched? You may be able to relate to this.
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