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04 FEB 16
Homeycomb: Your Dose of Lighthearted and Funny Comics About Married Life
BY Married life has different kinds of moments. These are about the cute, silly and sweet ones.
29 JAN 16
I Was a Credit Card-aholic but Marriage Saved Me
BY Frances Amper Sales After learning of my credit card habit, my husband prescribed financial rehab that has made me wise about money.
21 JAN 16
5 Bedroom Secrets of Married Couples With a Healthy Sex Life
Sure, married sex can get boring. BUT there's always a next time in the bedroom.
21 JAN 16
Lack of Sex Is Rarely About the Loss of Desire
BY Camille Besinga The reasons can be simple enough, but couples just don't often talk about it.
19 JAN 16
10 Pieces of Marriage Advice That Will Always Work
Real couples share how they kept their sanity and marriage intact with these keep-the-love-alive ingredients.
14 JAN 16
Guess What? You Don’t Have to Use Your Husband’s Surname
BY Leah Nemil-SanJose The Philippine law is clear: women are not obliged to change their surname. But there is no escape from the paperwork you need to file.
11 JAN 16
Leonardo DiCaprio Still Open to Marriage
BY WENN.com "That time will come when that time comes."
11 JAN 16
I Gave Him A Second Chance And He Blew It
"Before the marriage, nahuli ko yung boyfriend ko na may ka-fling."
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