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30 JUN 16
To the Man Who Was Always There For Me
BY Joanne Borromeo "Our pain became the foundation of our friendship and from there..."
20 JUN 16
Why I Chose to Hide My Relationship
BY Sam M. Torres "We'll get through this together, as promised."
10 JUN 16
To the Man I'm Willing to Let Go
BY Joy Reyes "My willingness to risk will never be worth it for we both know the real situation."
09 JUN 16
03 JUN 16
My Fiancé Realized He Doesn't Want to Be With Me Anymore
BY Bea Chua "All he cared about were his dreams and his future; unfortunately, I was not a part of it."
24 MAY 16
5 Ways to Move On When You Think You Can't
BY Charlene J. Owen Spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo tells it as it is.
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