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25 FEB 14
Stop and Smell the Flowers: 10 Reasons Why You Should Slow Down
BY Joy Gavica Have you taken a break lately? If not, this article will give you a reason to.
29 OCT 13
Losing Weight May Be More Effective with Friends, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Having a support group in the fight against obesity may help push you to do better.
05 OCT 13
You Lose, You Win: From Crutches to High Heels
Be inspired by how this lady lost the 100 pounds she gained six months after an accident.
04 OCT 13
Social Media May Make Quitting Smoking Easier
BY Charlene J. Owen An online support group may provide the motivation you need to keep you from lighting a stick.
12 SEP 13
Healthy Lifestyle Changes May Save Your Heart, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen You have the choice and the power to protect your heart from fatal diseases.
01 SEP 13
A Holistic Approach to Health May Improve Your Child’s Well-Being
BY Charlene J. Owen A simple change in perspective may do wonders for your child’s health.
15 JUN 13
Slowly Shifting to a Healthy Lifestyle May Greatly Lower Your Chances of Stroke
BY Charlene J. Owen Making small changes to your lifestyle may have a big impact on your health.
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