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28 AUG 14
20 MAY 14
U.N. Official Says Junk Food Should be Regulated
BY Ira Nopuente Excessive junk food consumption is something that should be prevented.
09 MAY 13
3 Healthy Junk Food Tweaks
BY Angelo Songco Sugarleaf owner Angelo N. Songco dishes out tips on how you can indulge in junk food minus the health risks.
29 MAR 13
Sugared Drinks Linked to Increase in High-Calorie Food Intake in Children
BY Charlene J. Owen Unhealthy eating can start at a very young age and may result in obesity and other health conditions.
12 MAR 13
Mothers Addicted Junk Food May Pass on Addiction to Children, Study Suggests
BY Charlene J. Owen Pregnant mothers who love snacking on chips may want to change their diet.
05 DEC 12
Consuming Too Much High Fructose Corn Syrup May Increase Your Risk for Diabetes Type 2
BY Charlene J. Owen Being dependent on ready-to-eat foods containing HFCS may mess up your metabolism.
17 AUG 12
Skip Junk Food Commercials to Reduce Food Wanting
Research shows that women may be more inclined to eat after viewing junk food images they find appealing.
04 JUL 12
Study Shows Junk Food Becomes More Appealing if You're Sleep-Deprived
BY Jennifer Chan When you're tired, a bowl of ice cream looks better than a bowl of fruit.
26 JUN 12
What's your inner pizza flavor?
BY Jason Dayrit Everyone loves pizza--so find out what flavor matches your personality!
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