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    Forever young Cheska Garcia-Kramer talks about her stay-gorgeous secrets, mommy bliss, and the surprising success of #TeamKramer in the August issue a.k.a. the Anti-Aging Special of Good Housekeeping!
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    Build the confidence to strut in a pair of jeans with our 28-day pound-shedding, lean muscle-building workout, and learn the best cuts for your body type with our easy style guide.
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23 APR 14
The Lowdown on Soft Skills + Top 5 Skills You Need to Know Now
BY Ira Nopuente We explain what soft skills are, why you need them, and the top five skills you need to master.
21 APR 14
GIRLTalkers Talk about Shifting Careers in Their 30s
BY Ira Nopuente Before you take the big career shift, get some pointers from our GIRLTalkers who faced the career crossroads.
07 APR 14
5 Career Skills That Will Help You Get Promoted in No Time
BY Ira Nopuente Go beyond your job description by investing on these valuable skills.
03 APR 14
5 Ways to Have an Awesome Summer (Without Going to the Beach!)
Celebrate summer without having to leave the city!
28 MAR 14
10 Things You Should Do after a Job Interview
BY Charlene J. Owen Prove to your recruiter that you’re the best candidate for the job!
13 MAR 14
15 Job Interview Basics You Need to Know
BY Joy Gavica Nail your next job interview with these simple and effective tips!
29 AUG 13
Switching Lanes: Choosing a Career That's Different from Your Field
BY Jennifer Chan Feeling a little pensive because you want to work in an industry that's not even remotely close to your original field? Check out these nuggets of wisdom from GIRLTalk!
22 AUG 13
29 JUL 13
How to Motivate Your Team Members
BY Jennifer Chan Get everyone excited about going to work!
28 JUL 13
What to Wear to a Job Interview
Impress your future boss by making a fashionably appropriate first impression!
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