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26 JUL 16
Your Complete Guide to Hair Removal Methods
BY Alex Lapa Down from the most affordable to the most expensive!
07 SEP 15
13 Things You Didn’t Know About Waxing
BY Stephanie Gonzaga Keep these hair removal trivia in mind and make the most out of your next waxing session.
25 JUN 15
No Shaving Cream? No Problem!
BY Ira Nopuente We've got the best alternatives right here!
07 APR 15
The Honest Hair Removal Pain Scale
BY Ira Nopuente We help you decide which one is worth the hurt.
24 APR 14
5 Steps to Summer-Ready Smooth Skin
BY Patricia Dayacap Check out our guide so you can don those swimsuits in no time!
18 NOV 12
5 Underarm Hair Removal and Darkening Facts
Give your underarms a whole lot of love by reading this guide.
06 MAR 12
Bare Those Legs: 4 Steps to Waxing at Home + 10 Products to Try
BY Kate Alvarez Prep for summer with this tutorial for smooth, hair-free legs.
11 AUG 11
On the Ordeals of Beautification
BY Stephanie Castillo Columnist Stephanie Castillo chronicles the lengths that women will go to in the name of good grooming.
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