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No boyfriend? No problem! Learn to be comfy in your own company--it will help boost your self-confidence too!
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    The New Mrs. Pitt, Angelina Jolie, is on the cover of the November issue of Good Housekeeping!
    Good Housekeeping
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20 NOV 14
19 NOV 14
16 Designer Bags You Can Splurge On
BY Janey Aniban Check out our guide before you decide on your high-quality fashion investment.
17 NOV 14
6 Easy Ways to Wear Prints Everyday
BY Spice up your outfit with scene-stealing patterns.
14 NOV 14
6 Ways to Make Your Outfits Look Expensive
BY Ira Nopuente We spill the secrets to looking chic on a budget.
14 NOV 14
7 Types of Bra You Should Own
BY Ira Nopuente The 411 on all your lingerie essentials.
11 NOV 14
10 NOV 14
21 Pairs of Sneakers with Swagger
BY Ira Nopuente More reasons to buy a pair of stylish kicks.
04 NOV 14
31 Sports Luxe Pieces You Can Wear Outside The Gym
BY Ira Nopuente Ready, set, shop! Here, workout wear that can double as your everyday clothes.
03 NOV 14
7 Ways to Treat Your Bags Right
BY Ira Nopuente Here's a bag of tricks (pun intended) to keep your carry-alls in tip-top shape.
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