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23 JAN 14
10 DEC 13
Low Vitamin D Intake Linked to Brain Debility
BY Charlene J. Owen Older adults must have enough vitamin D to maintain cognitive health.
26 NOV 13
18 NOV 13
Speaking Two or More Languages May Help Delay Dementia
BY Charlene J. Owen Knowing more than just your mother tongue may protect you from age-related cognitive diseases.
05 NOV 13
Lack of Sleep May Increase Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
BY Charlene J. Owen According to research, plaque buildup in the brain may increase when sleep patterns are regularly disrupted.
14 SEP 13
Improve Cognitive Health with a Mediterranean Diet, Says Study
BY Charlene J. Owen Eating more whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish may lower your risk of developing dementia.
16 AUG 13
Older Adults with High Blood Sugar Levels May Have Increased Dementia Risk
BY Charlene J. Owen Maintaining proper glucose levels may help lessen the risk of disease and cognitive decline.
14 AUG 13
Drinking Hot Chocolate May Help Keep Older Adults Mentally Healthy, Says Study
Two cups of hot cocoa a day may help improve blood flow and protect older adults from neural degeneration.
09 JUL 13
Mental Stimulation May Slow Down Dementia in Older Adults
BY Charlene J. Owen Keeping the mind working is as important as keeping the body active.
09 JUL 13
Green Tea May Help Protect You From Alzheimer’s Disease
BY Charlene J. Owen Drinking green tea may prevent plaques from forming in the brain and lessen the risk of mental deterioration.
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