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03 MAR 14
5 Flicks You Have To (Re-)Watch Alone
BY Gabriela Lee Romantic comedies can make you swoon and cry, but sometimes these highs and lows are best enjoyed when you're in the confines of your own room.
01 MAR 14
Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Perform a Duet Together
Watch one of our favorite on-screen couples sing a sweet song!
06 FEB 14
Friends Forever: 5 Chick Flicks You Need To Watch With Your BFFs
BY Gabriela Lee Your best friends will be the ones who will laugh, cry, and watch really sappy rom-coms with you.
17 FEB 13
Five Chick Flick Bedrooms That We Love
BY Jennifer Chan Check out these gorgeous boudoirs on the silver screen!
23 JUL 12
Guy Talk: 12 Things Men Wish Women Wouldn't Assume
BY Mikey Agulto One guy makes a special request to women: please give men a tad more credit.
27 JUN 12
BY Gabriela Lee Gush over these aww-some matrimonial moments from the silver screen!
08 JUN 10
20 More Chick Flick Favorites: FN Readers' Picks
BY Belle Yambao This time around, FN readers share their favorite romantic comedy films.
27 APR 10
Sex and the City 2 Trailer
This summer, prepare to get "Carried away" with everybody's four favorite gals from New York City!
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